The site provides comprehensive data for exact football prediction. We display stats per team, per league, and even head-to-head comparisons. Explore and see how you can make your next predictions more accurate!

The site wraps up over 300 major & unimportant football leagues and cups – assortment from England’s Premier League to Serie A. By conniving and produce match data for exact football match, equally Teams to Score (BTTS), spotless Sheets and Head to Heads, we assure that our team stats, form, and league standings are truthful and up-to-date.


We too make an available examination for in-play statistics, which will update you at which indicate in a match a team scores or compromise their goals crossways the period. This attribute is useful for sympathetic in-play dynamics of every football team.

That’s not all! Be sure also to check out our latest football tips, selected using our data and stats, as well as enjoying a read of our football blog.

What exact foot prediction stats you have for tomorrow?

We have over 300 data points per league, team, and players! Yes, that’s correct – three entire hundred information point! It’s moderately irresistible at first but here are some of the most used information: in excess of 0.1 to 1.1 stats, BTTS data, fresh Sheets, soccer league table, outline table, In-Play Data, Goals Per match, approved per match, Goals/match for Players, Yellow / Red Cards, and even bend Stats! The potential with these data is never-ending. We have smooth odds so that you can measure up to them aligned with the stats at a fleeting look to see if they offer value. What’s more? We formulate each of single data community through our API and CSVs which will be obtainable presently this year. We encourage you to use our statistics to do your own soccer stats examination such as device learning and model-based predictions. Shots and possession data will be available later this year as well.

Today’s data update frequency on exact foot prediction:

We update our stats every 10 ~ 20 minutes! Other stats services update once a week, or once a day. We update within 10 minutes of matches ending and our users love us for it. We’re too repeatedly working to keep informed our stats at a yet quicker speed. Former data platforms similar to soccer stats update much slower than us. Our plan is to update our stats every 2 minutes in the future.

Continuing expansion of our data.

We’ve dedicated to prediction exact foot score today for our soccer data lovers. Our dataset will have an unbelievable line of stats for soccer competitions together with league stats for Major League Soccer and 200+ other competitions. Every league’s teams, their presentation, and even the players’ presentation will be recorded in our data. We’re moreover generating football widgets for the exact foot prediction domain to use our data on their individual website as well.